The smart trike is great for young children as it comes complete with a parent handle

If you are looking for a new trike for your child then the smart trike could be the best option.
As it comes in blue, green and pink so little girls and boys will be happy!
The smart trike also comes complete with a detatchable parent handle, so your child can feel secure when riding their new trike. And parents can feel reassured that their child is safe.

Smart Trike also comes with a detatchable bag, which can be clipped onto the parent handle to carry all the things a young child may need. Or even just Mum or Dad's car keys and purse!

smart trike

The smart trike also has a harness to strap around your child, so there is less chance of them falling off while enjoying a ride on their new trike.It also has footrests, so your childs feet cant get hurt by the pedals while they are younger and not able to pedal themselves. Both these can be removed when your child is older and more able to balance themselves or pedal their trike.

As all parents are aware, children need to be kept covered up from the harmful rays of the sun.
So the smart trike even has a sun canopy or sunroof that will keep your child away from any direct sunshine while they are out on a bike ride.

And your child will love the basket on the rear of the bike which they can carry toys in or maybe their packed lunch if they take their smart trike on a picnic or trip.
This is also great for parents, as the trike is a great alternative to a buggy once your child is older and is also alot lighter to push and steer. So the basket can also come in useful for a small amount of grocery shopping etc.